Tips for Learning to Play the Guitar

Whether you’re a beginner, or you already have your fingers trained, there’s always a way to learn something new when it comes to playing the guitar. A few tips are definitely more than welcome, right? So, grab your precious guitar, and boost your artistic side:

Play the Guitar

1) Listen to Yourself

The best way to track your mistakes is to record yourself. This will also help in following your own progress, and you can hear how your playing sounds to others. Technology is very useful for guitar lovers too, so use your phone for this purpose. That will be a perfect, objective, confirmation of your improvement.

2) Slower Is Better

Your wish to become the master of guitar playing is absolutely possible, but first comes the part when you simply must slow down. This way, you can improve the phrasing and rhythm, and actually improve the fingerstyle. It is important to remember that you should play it slowly, but correctly! After some time, you’ll get the speed as well as technique.

3) Don’t Overjam

Random jam really sounds relaxing, it’s true. However, if you want to progress, then learn your fingers to stick to the song. It would be even better if you could memorize it note-for-note. Make it to the end of the song, and stay on track. Of course, creativeness is always welcome, but don’t push it.

4) Experiment

Avoid following a routine, or playing only songs within the genre you adore. Try something else! Try another riff, a new chord, or simply change your strings. You will learn a lot, and besides, when you come back to your favorite music style, you’ll feel refreshed, and probably introduce something new!

5) Have You Tried a Capo?

If you’re interested in flamenco, or folk music in general, then the capo is what you need. Even if you’re not interested that much, you can try it for fun. It will raise the pitch of the strings. You will still be playing the original chord shapes, but in a higher key. Have fun with this useful little device, and enjoy the music!

6) Be a Songwriter

You have the guitar in your hands, so why not compose a song? Give it a shot! It doesn’t have to be perfect, or extra poetic; just play it for yourself, and develop your talents. It will make you pay attention to so many things: when is the right time for a solo, when to think about chord changes, how lyrics fit, and so on. Be creative!

7) Don’t Stare at the Guitar

You’ve probably noticed that guitar legends don’t look all the time into their hands and instruments. They actually rarely do it. So, close your eyes sometimes, or just look away. You have two good reasons to do so: you won’t have to check your fingers all the time (you’ll hear if you’re doing it right), and you’ll look cool.

8) Metronome Is Your Best Friend

For the sake of rhythm and flow, the metronome is necessary equipment on the way to success. It might get boring from time to time, but it gives amazing results. Tempo is the key to perfect playing, and with the help of metronome, your sense for cadence will become professional in time.

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